A snowball in Hawaii

It was Christmas Eve 2008, and I was plummeting toward the Earth with a pony-tailed man strapped to my back. Wait, that’s not how you celebrate Christmas Eve?

When Mike first indicated that he and his brother were planning to go skydiving over the holidays, I rolled my eyes and told him resignedly to let me know when he made it to the ground.  Mike’s whole family – mom and three siblings – was visiting us in Hawaii for the holidays.  We’d all decided that a Christmas spent basking in the perfect Hawaiian sunlight was much preferable to shivering in Midwestern snow, and then Mike and his brother had decided that there was no better way to celebrate the birth of Christ than by jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

And that’s when a snowball started rolling, right there under my perfect Hawaiian sun. Continue reading


And the card attached would say…

What is it about the military life that allows you to form lifelong friendships in a matter of weeks? It’s amazing to me that in just eight years of being a military wife, I’ve formed friendships that are as important and meaningful as friendships I’ve had for years and years.  When folks outside the military life ask me what it’s like or how I navigate this life, my first comment has something to do with the diverse and downright dynamite people I’ve met along the way.

Our first assignment as a married couple was at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey.  I was beyond excited to start this adventure.  I was a newlywed.  Hooray!  I was moving to a different country.  Awesome!  I was becoming a part of the Air Force family.  Cool!  But it wasn’t long before I was singing a different tune.   Continue reading