Barefoot Books Launch Event!

Ready… set… LAUNCH!

My Barefoot Books Marketplace is officially open!  From now until September 22, my Launch Event is going on online.  I’m excited to welcome a number of folks on September 20 to get hands-on peeks at numerous quality children’s books, designed to spark their children’s desire to explore, learn, discover, and HAVE FUN WITH BOOKS!

But just because you aren’t in the Northern Virginia area doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the fun.  If you live out of the area and would like to place an order, simply go to my Barefoot Books web site, click “Support This Event” under the Event description on the main page, and shop!  You may also enter Event Code 000-1jyq-10300 at check-out.

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Carving my niche… with Barefoot Books

This blog came to life as an antidote to a post-PCS (Permanent Change of Station aka “our move”) funk that had left me feeling… well, funky.  After we unpacked, Mike went back to work, and I sat here staring at my young kids, wondering what magic I could perform to make them self-sufficient (just for a day!), and lamenting my sense of imbalance and placelessness.  I needed a niche.  I was feeling not a little bit sorry for myself, and I hate feeling that way.  I had to get rid of that feeling; I had to get up, get moving, step outside The Comfort Zone, and begin making a place for myself here in Virginia.

And – what was that strange bubbling in my blood?  What was that fire in my gut?  Was that….. Continue reading