Giving life back with interest

“For me, my life is like a loan given from God, and I will give this life back, but with interest.”  – Andy Wimmer, from the documentary Happy

In the documentary Happy, Andy Wimmer reflects on his work volunteering at Mother Teresa’s Home for the Sick and Dying Destitutes in Calcutta, India.  For going on two decades, he has helped people who were literally too weak or too sick to handle their most basic needs.  He’s shown them love and eased their burdens.  Simply giving a dying boy food to eat, he says, was a “small enlightenment,” and his perspective on his life’s duty was changed forever.    Continue reading


Cringe and Purge: A True Story

It’s a rite of passage, I suppose.  And thank God it’s over with.  I hate those rites of passage that involve hardship, manual labor, and quite frankly, doing something that I really don’t want to do.  If you’ve been through it, too, you might relate to my feelings of dread and perhaps a touch of anxiety as you’ve anticipated the ritual’s beginning, and you might further relate to my desire to avoid it entirely, as well as its potential to develop irritating (although nonthreatening) marital friction.

But it’s so much better in the end, they say.  You’ll feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders!

What am I talking about, you ask? Continue reading